I am all of the following, not in order of importance, relevance, or priority:

  • Wife of David, and mother, as yet, of none.
  • Worker in the field of ecclesial scribery (known in some circles as a “church secretary”).
  • Tortured question-asker and committed Scripture-digger.
  • A tunes-out-the-whole-world kind of fervent reader.
  • Farm girl by birth, but no longer by practice.
  • One who writes.
  • Learner.
  • Candidate for the possibility of receiving the coveted title of “theologian,” at least at some point before death.
  • Sufferer of mild neuroses related to spiders, most other insects, needles, injuries to do with eyeballs, fonts, and any future notion of child birth.
  • Pursuer of the art of sarcasm.
  • Eschatological optimist.
  • Self-educator and collector of knowledge regarding typography, graphic design, coffee, organization, healthy eating, exercise, crocheting, and more.
  • Strategic thinker, for a female.
  • Rusty player of the piano, saxophone, and some instruments of the percussive variety.
  • Enforcer of grammar laws.
  • Breaker of grammar laws.
  • Owner of a bachelor’s degree in Bible, which is less useless than you might think, since it was fun on most days, and I owe to it a large portion of who I am today.
  • Penner of posts who stands on the shoulders of giants. Through Solomon, God told us, “There is nothing new under the sun.” As such, this is no hipster blog. I am one who only hopes to remind others of what’s already been said, about those things that have been true since the beginning of time.
  • Prayerfully, an encourager. And therefore, the glad creator of one more little blog among many blogs, and more streams of text among billions of streams of text on the inter webs.
  • Sarah, author of A Letter Apart.
  • One who profusely thanks any kind visitors to this trifling corner of the blogosphere. (That’s you. Thank you, profusely.)

But wait, there is more, because a blog name should merit an explanation, which you can find by meandering over here.